The Secret to Having Healthy African American Hair

The secret to have a long and healthy African American hair is to always keep it moist. The coilier your hair is, the higher the chances of it drying up. This is because tightly coiled hair makes it hard for your scalp’s natural oils to travel and flow through your hair smoothly.  With this, it is necessary to always ensure that you use hair products that will keep the moisture of your African American hair growth.

However, it’s not just about hair products, but the diet that you take in also has an effect on the health of your hair.  You should always remember to keep the moisture within your hair. This is because if your hair is very coily, chances are, is that the moisture escapes into the air, leaving it dry again. See to it that the moisture stays within your hair for a long time.

Keeping the Moisture In

Most African Americans are using water based hair products to continue the moisture in their hair. It is also recommended for you to use natural hair products, and not the commercial or synthetic ones because these usually contain harsh chemicals that may have negative effects on your hair.

Knowing Your Hair Type

Try to search for a water based moisturizer or leaf-based conditioner. These are proven to be very effective in ensuring that the moisture in your hair will not be lost even as hours pass by. You should also know the type of African American hair that you have. This is because African Americans have many different types wherein the level of curliness and kinkiness varies from one another.

Hopefully, these few reminders will help you have a healthier and more glowing-looking hair. Remember, to always take care of your hair.

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