This Is Why You Need Insulated Piercing Connector

An Insulated Piercing Connector is nothing but an electrical connector that is designed to connect the insulated cable conductors by using sharp blades during the insulation. This takes away the need to strip any insulation off the conductors before you connect. If a connector blade is properly made, it cold welds and makes a reliable connection with the conductor. Insulated Piercing Connector has been inspired from the crimp connector that was widely used in the past.

These were used for telephone lines and electric lines. The Insulated Piercing Connector was designed to connect only single strand conductors however with the advancement of technology; it is now capable of connecting multiple strands as well. While the Insulated Piercing Connector was introduced for low voltage lines such as the telephone lines or any other form of telecommunications line, it is now used in low voltage industrial applications as well. If you are looking for Accesories for ADSS and Telecommunication Cables, then you should visit the website and you will get everything that you need.

One of the biggest advantages of using an Insulated Piercing Connector is it helps in faster installation. This is because there is no stripping and twisting of wires involved anymore. All you need to do is connect the Insulated Piercing Connector and it does the rest. With the help of an Insulated Piercing Connector, you can now reduce your labor costs and get more work done in lesser time. Gone are the days when you had to work extra hours just to get one house connection done.

With the help of an Insulated Piercing Connector, you can now connect and reconnect a number of connections in absolutely no time. The Insulated Piercing Connector has been a blessing in disguise for all workmen.

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