Legal Issues Of Private Servers

A lot of MMORPG Games nowadays have private servers which have a lot of advantages associated with playing your browser-based, online game through it. These are so popular that there are a lot of RSPS List which you could find online, giving you a long roster of servers you could choose to join and play the game with. Some of these sites include, as well as, which show as many as 100 of these private servers, each of which with their own special features that make the choice one which could be difficult for you. While these private servers are popular, these actually have their share of legal issues, which would be discussed further below.

Some key Legal Issues

The reason as to why all these legal issues for games arise is simply because it violates a common clause for signing in among users, which is to not utilize server emulators. In terms of code, these emulators copy a huge part of the original ones, which could be a grounds for copyright law violations. One of the popular emulators to be under scrutiny on these grounds is Winter Love for RuneScape, although other servers such as AEGIS, or Ragnarok Online being one which private servers are popular as well.

Copyright infringement could be filed against those who make use of nearly identical codes, but are evaded by individuals through means of setting the server up in countries or places where copyright infringement laws are either not stringently observed, nor are they existent at all. This is the major issue of a lot of private servers, yet a lot of them are still up and running, simply because of the existence of legal loopholes, as well as lack of interest in among game makers to actually file a case.