Types of Headset for Xbox 360

There is a huge variety available when it comes to choosing the right Xbox 360 headset. If you don’t have much knowledge about headsets, then you would probably need some help. You can always search for the best headsets from hddmag.com but in case you need some information about the types of headsets available in the market, then we can help.

Here is the type of headsets that you will typically come across:

Standard One

These are the most inexpensive headsets and as the name suggests, their design and quality is standard too. They are mostly included within the Xbox set, so you won’t have to purchase them. They have a plastic headpiece and the microphone is adjustable. The problem with these is that they can easily break and they produce low sound quality.

 Two Headphone Headset

It is reasonably priced and it is capable of producing average sound quality. You can easily find it in the market. These types of headsets are not always compatible and sometimes they are overpriced. Also, they don’t always come with a microphone.

Bluetooth Headset

They are small, light weighted and wireless, of course. Before you go for them, you must know that they have small buttons, they can easily break and they produce low quality sound. They may look attractive but the results they produce are not that attractive. They are expensive too.

Acoustic Headset

They are the ones that have the noise canceling feature. They produce exceptional sound quality, and they always have a microphone included. Only trusted brands produce these headsets so you will not have to worry about the quality. The only drawback with these is that they are highly expensive and their functionality is somewhat complicated.

Now all you have to do is decided which type of headset you need and head out to buy one.