Processing Vietnam Visa for Indian Passprt

Instead of going through the traditional process, you can now have your Vietnam visa conveniently. You can have it stamped on your Indian passport without spending too much effort with manual transaction. You just have to know how to use the online process for Vietnam visa for Indian passprt, and get things going smoothly for you.

Convenient Processing of Vietnam Visa for Indian Passprt

To guide you in processing your Vietnam visa for Indian passprt, here are four simple steps you must follow:

  1. Secure your Indian passport with you. After which, go to, and fill-up the application form for Vietnam visa. Remember to supply correct details based on what you have in your passport. Submit it up, and pay using credit cards or PayPal.
  2. Wait for 2 business days while your approval is being process. You will then receive an approval letter in your email that you must print out. Additionally, don’t forget to print a copy of your entry form to Vietnam which will be included in the email you will receive.
  3. Prepare the printed papers together with your passport and 2 4cm by 6cm passport photos. Also prepare your payments for stamping fees.
  4. Bring all of the requirements stated above as you travel to Vietnam. Present it upon your arrival at one of the 3 Vietnamese international airports, pay the fees for stamping, and you can then get your Vietnam visa stamped on your Indian passport!

You just have to take note that you can only start the process within 6 months before your departure. You’re free to choose the type of visa you need, and you can also extend it for a longer stay. Visit now, and read more info on processing your Vietnam visa for Indian passprt. Have Vietnam visa on your passport conveniently.