Weed Legalization In California

Pot has always been a topic of debate and finally people around the world are taking it seriously due to the various medical benefits that marijuana can have on a person’s mind and body. During the Presidential elections 8 states legalized the use of medical marijuana and 5 of these states also legalized recreational marijuana. california marijuana is one of them and since then California weed has become popular for people all over the states. You will get various kinds of beautiful looking medicinal and recreational strains in the cannabis shops of California but before we can get in all that we still need to discuss the laws that the citizens need to abide by to enjoy this blessing.


Always remember that weed is legal in California and not in many other states especially recreational marijuana. Many other states have also legalized medical marijuana but recreational marijuana is still illegal in most so you can’t carry weed from California to other states. The weed that is bought in California has to be smoked in California. Just like alcohol, weed is still illegal for underage people and if found in the possession of weed, the person will have to pay a fine and will be sentenced to a certain period of community service but once they turn adults, this will be removed off their records. Just like alcohol, it is still illegal to drive under the effect of marijuana.

A person can only possess an ounce of marijuana at a time and if found to possess more then they will be fined. You still can’t sell weed and you can just buy weed from government authorized shops. You can grow your own weed at home but only inside closed chambers and not in the open. The California government has asked its citizens to enjoy this substance responsibly.