3 Most Common Types Of Silver Jewelry Materials

Not all people believe that all silver jewelry is the same. Some people just want to be very specific in determining their jewelry. While it might be true that all silver jewelry pieces are technically silver, there are still also more details that one must truly know if they want to be an expert in silver jewelry.

In the market today, there are now many types of silver materials being used for jewelry which might also explain the discrepancies between the prices. Here are three of the usual types of silver jewelry.

  1. Sterling .925 Silver

This type of silver is the most usual standard or benchmark when it comes to silver in most countries like Europe and the United States. It is 92.5% made of Silver and the other 7.5% is copper.

 Fine .999 Silver

This material is surely the closest in terms of a pure silver element. The .999 in its name suggests that it is 99.9% purely made from silver. The setback of this silver jewelry is that it is prone to scratch and deformation because this silver material is soft.

 Coin Silver

This type of silver was one of the most common alloys in the US, but it is now becoming rare in today’s time. This material is made up of 90% silver and 10% copper. However, its name does not mean that this material is used to make coins, but rather because it used to be made from refined scrap coins.

Other than those mentioned silver jewelry materials, there are still other types like silver-filled, Argentium silver, nickel silver, silver plated, and so on. These different types of silver materials have their pros and cons which you should know if you want to be an expert in assessing the qualities of various silver jewelry pieces.