3 Strategies to Live Healthier Every Day

Perfect Life with Perfect Food and Options for You

Did you know that we all have a real capacity to improve and maintain our health? It depends on our ability to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle that is based on well-established health knowledge. Here are some secrets of this fountain of youth, to stay healthy as long as possible.

We live more and more old. Indeed, the life expectancy of the population has been steadily increasing for decades.

Here are simple, easy-to-remember strategies that will help you stay young and keep an overview of your health. We have been trying to apply them for as long as we can, and they have gradually become habits.

Here are some tips I’ve found over time:

Do cardio with an elliptical while listening to the TV. We must plead guilty: We are very fond of science fiction series. One way to listen to them without feeling guilty was to combine business with pleasure by doing cardio on an elliptical. The carrot helps to pass the stick, as they say. Now with online options for PokerQQ you can

  • Condemning the escalators and elevators, unless we have to go up to the 57th floor
  • This is a good thing to integrate every day. At first, we sweat a little, but it quickly becomes a (very good) habit.
  • The motto is not quantity or performance, but consistency.

Here are the main categories of these “nutraceuticals” that he suggests consuming on a regular basis:

  • Vegetables from the cruciferous family (cabbages, broccoli, etc.);
  • green tea;
  • dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa);
  • garlic and onion;
  • fatty fish rich in omega-3;
  • soy;
  • citrus fruits;
  • tomatoes (mostly cooked);
  • berries such as blueberries and raspberries;
  • turmeric;
  • And even red wine!

To keep your cardiovascular system young, consume also unsaturated vegetable oils and especially non-hydrogenated (Trans).

Examples of good oils are olive oil (which is monounsaturated) and nut oil (polyunsaturated).

And you want a scoop?

Large companies in the agro-food industry do not care less about your health. The only time they want your property is when they get it in hard cash.

A simple rule is therefore to avoid processed foods (pastries, crackers, prepared meals, sauces, etc.) and, above all, junk food.

They all contain too much of the worst: too much bad fat, too much salt, too much sugar, preservatives and too little nutrients.

The only processed foods we eat are bread (the best we can find), pasta (occasionally) and canned tomatoes, which contain only tomatoes and herbs, without salt.

Everything else is cool. If you consume a lot of processed products, you’d be surprised how easy it is to cook great meals (almost) as fast as getting a frozen “poison supreme” ready to microwave.

For example, grilled fish and olive oil vegetables cooked in the oven with herbs take very little time to prepare, and are delicious!