5 Thyroid Disease Symptoms Women Should Be Aware Of

The thyroid disease is said to be more prevalent in women than in men. Maximum percentage of women tends to suffer from these diseases especially after menopause. Hypothyroidism is more prevalent among women than hyperthyroidism. Usually thyroid as well as hypothyroidism can be cured by surgery. However, there is other alternative treatment for hypothyroidism available as well.

Here are some thyroid disease symptoms every woman should be aware of.

  • Tiredness

If you are feeling sleepier than usual then it could be a result of hypothyroidism. It’s to stress here, thyroid hormones control our energy levels. As a result, with low thyroid tend to feel exhausted very soon even with a little bit of work.

  • Gaining weight

This is the most common symptom to determine if you have any thyroid disease. Firstly, you gain weight because you are too tired to even move. Your metabolic rate decreases and your body allows to store more calories. Also, low hormone creation lowers the metabolic rate of the body which means more storage of calories and further weight gain.

  • Hair Loss

The stem cells of your hair follicles are also monitored by your thyroid hormone. Hence, any sort of disbalance in the thyroid hormone secretion results in hair loss. Hair follicles stop regenerating due to low thyroid hormones and hence your hair becomes patchy or coarser.

  • Constipation

If you have thyroid diseases, your bowel movement is going to be affected definitely. Frequent constipation is a major symptom of thyroid issues. So, if you do not treat your thyroid, your constipation issue will only get worse with time.


  • Irregular Periods

Hormonal disbalance is caused when your thyroid hormones react with your other hormones. The thyroid hormone affects your uterus and ovaries directly which results in irregularities in your periods or in some cases heavy flow with painful cramps.