Better Investment Option: Single Diamonds Vs Mining Stocks

A survey suggests that Indians are among the top buyers of diamonds in the world. The Indian economy has been facing a haphazard growth in the GDP, though pertaining to the culture, jewelry like diamonds and gold are gifted to a high extent. Diamonds have surely been a big investment in the current scenario. The global production of diamonds has witnessed an increase of 6% and is valued at roughly $80 billion. These numbers speak for itself and have a strong relevance when referred to as an investment option in diamonds.

The demand for diamonds has been on the high rise ever since people started considering diamonds as a precious adornment. Major countries include the USA, UAE, Qatar, India, Japan, China, and various others. The wealth tax across the world has been abolished creating a conflict in the minds of potential buyers. There are circumstances that lead to a substantial downfall in the demand but on a long term prospect, its demand is estimated to grow. On the other hand, mining stocks provide more resources and hence opportunities. Countries having an abundance of resources clearly have the upper edge and investment plans in such nations would be anticipated. Mining stocks not only provide gold or diamonds but also produce coal and important minerals like iron, tin, copper among others.

Things to consider while investing:

  • Prospect of profitable income

Diamonds are no doubt one of the highly demanded jewels, a special kind being argyle pink diamonds, but the demand across the globe highly varies on the world economy.

  • Mining stocks as a potential investment enterprise

Due to the higher availability of resources, the income gauged is high and can be deployed to various sectors for industrialization. Plenty of resources help in generating electricity and power for the nation leading to more profit. Hence, it seems to be a viable investment.