Social Media Etiquette for Lovers

Social Media is pretty great! It’s a wonderful way to stay in touch with loved ones and friends. It’s also an efficient way to see updates about the lives of those you care about. However, with all things, there’s a risk of over sharing. This is particularly true when it comes to couples.
We get it, you’re in love. What no one really needs to see are kissing photos because that’s best kept private. Today, I’ll be discussing the topic of social media etiquette for lovers!
Keep your fights private
When you’re in a relationship, it is eventually going to happen that fights are going to occur. You will butt heads over things and it can explode pretty quickly. Things are already pretty stressful in that regard—so why for the love of sanity—would you post details about our fight on your social media?
Facebook is usually the repository for such things. Posting your fights there gives everyone a pretty clear view of your life and how you handle things when bad things occur. It’s not a pretty picture. If you do manage to make up, you’ll see the evidence of how ugly things got.
Keep PDA to a minimum

Everyone can appreciate sweet notes left on the wall of their boyfriend or girlfriend—even a husband or wife however, too much public displays of affection (PDA) are a no-no.
Not only does it create an awkward environment for anyone who comes across it, it’s also unwise. In the event of a breakup, you will have those posts on each other’s walls. Not only is it cringe-worthy, it’s going to bring a lot of bad memories.
Food For Thought
Social Media isn’t private. More and more companies are checking out their applicants through social media. Keep your social media interactions tasteful and healthy. It’s okay to show affection. Just keep it to a proper dose.
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Social Media is a tool that should be used responsibly. …