Tips On How To Get Your Ex Back?

So you realized it was a huge mistake to let her go and now you want to get back to your ex-girlfriend? You will be on a tough road my friend because you have to make her believe that it’s worth it to give your relationship another try.

Mediocre moves are not going to work here. Every step that you take can make or break your chances of getting back with her. Here are some tips on how to get your ex girlfriend back:

  • Figure out what went wrong. Chances are either you messed up or she might have decided that you both are not intellectually or emotionally compatible. Don’t worry, whatever the case, feelings change.
  • Accept your share in the downhill and make a sincere apology. Don’t say I am really sorry, let’s give us another chance. You simply have to admit your share of the mistake and take responsibility of your actions. Don’t show any such intention that you want her back and that’s why you are apologizing.
  • Once you are done apologizing, create some space. Find yourself, focus on your work, and pick up a new hobby.
  • After some time apart, extend a hand of friendship. She needs to see the new you.

  • She still might be cynical about getting back with you because she felt emotionally unsafe. She needs to feel that things can work out between you two and the same problems will never surface again.

You can only do your part. Now, it’s up to her to decide whether she wants to hold your hands or not. Even if she does not accept you, don’t get disappointed. At least you gave it another try and you sincerely changed yourself.  Either both of you will get back together, heal or move on. So, every bit of this process is worth it.