World Cup Favorites

The football season is almost over and we are about to step into the phase where all the teams will start preparing for the biggest sporting event, The FIFA World Cup. It is going to take place in Russia from 14th June to 15th July and all the biggest names will be there to entertain. Even Zlatan has announced that he will come out of retirement for the competition. This might just be the last opportunities for Ronaldo and Messi, both in their prime, to win the World Cup and show the world that they deserve to be called the greatest. we can watch live match on zaklady sportowe network.


France is the first country that would come out as favorites and their performance in Euro 2016 could be a sign of better things to come as the sides matures, many might even contest that players like Pogba and Kante were better players then than now but that is not true at all, infact the entire chemistry and general tactical understanding of the players has improved a lot.


The second team on this list is also European, and Germany under Low are definitely expected to make it to the semifinals at least in this year’s World Cup. Germany is a European powerhouse and even though the current champions have gone through a lot of change compared to their last World Cup winning squad, has no doubt because quality has been replaced by quality.


The last favorites for the tournament would be Argentina and some people might not be happy with this choice of ours because they struggled to qualify for the competition and pulled it till the last game. They still have the most talented attacking side in the world with Messi leading the line, followed by Di Maria, Aguero and Higuain. The only front in which they lack is their defense but the right midfield can protect their defence.…

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Who Will Win The Race For The Golden Shoe This Year?

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The race for the European Golden Shoe is on and it is going to get really heated this season with Ronaldo, Messi, Falcao and Dyabala all in red hot form. Putting your money on these players will be really tricky and we are here to help you with that.

Messi would definitely be the bet for the slot of the top scorer again this year due as he has started the year in great fashion. He just carried his team through the World Cup qualifications, through to the World. Barcelona haven’t felt the absence of Neymar yet due to Messi’s form and are currently top of the table.

Falcao would be our second pick due to his talent that was lying dormant the past couple of seasons. He could also inch out the other people on this list due to the league that he plays in. The French Ligue 1 is a very high scoring league and he is the target man for his team.

Dyabala has been in great form for the past couple of seasons but this season he has struck gold. He could very well announce himself as the best player in the Serie A right now, someone who could help Messi in wining their country the World Cup. He is a gifted technician.

Ronaldo may have not a great start to the season but this is Ronaldo that we are talking and we can never count him out till he has retired. Real Madrid still have to get their engines running in the Spanish League and he still has a lot of time to catch up.…

Include Sports To Stay Healthy

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One of the main benefits of sports is that you can stay healthy with ease. When you watch your favorite sports on television you will look at your favorite sports person and get inspired. You will want to run like them and have a physique like them. This is where you will start playing sports in the hope that your physique matches up to your sporting idol. You will play the sport with the same passion as you watch it because you will be able to picture yourself playing on the field. This is something that will inspire you to move ahead with your fitness goals.…