Ccs: A Vitac- Affiliated Company

If you are looking for a company to help you with your Caption Labs needs, then one of the pioneers in this field is CCS, or Closed Captioning Services. This company, affiliated with VITAC, is one which has been around since 1989, and apart from closed captioning, offers related services such as offline captioning, live captioning, multi-language and internet captioning, as well as audio description and captioning for meetings and conferences. Even if it seems redundant, captions on videos are enjoyed by people by the millions, even nowadays. With that said, that includes both public and private spaces alike, to help better understand and make sense of the things that they see on film.

Their Mission

More than just allowing people to enjoy subtitles and captions, CCS provides accessibility services which are the most efficient, quick, and high-quality around. Their workers are geared towards client satisfaction and success, and are trained in such a way that they could beat the shortest of deadlines, and make the whole captioning experience fast and simple.

Why them?

Their mission makes them one of the best in terms of giving satisfaction for clients. It makes them happy to see people being more entertained watching programs with the CC enabled. Together with VITAC, they are one of the strongest forces in the market today.

FCC Compliance and Other Affiliations

In order for CCS to be the quality service that it is, it is of utmost importance for them to comply with the strictest regulations given by the FCC for their services. They also are COAT affiliates, which allows monitoring and participating of accessible media development, as well as keeping them updated with the latest trends and standards for closed captioning and other related services. They, therefore, maintain one of the most up-to-date services there are.