COB LED Lamps At Grow Led Lamp Website

Grow LED lights offer a lot of advantages for indoor cultivation compared to other lights that are traditionally used. One of the main features that users love is the fact that LED lights are durable enough to be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week with little to no effect on the temperature. Taking into account that there are minimal environmental feedback, plants solely rely on the cultivator to tell it what season it is through light and temperature. Https:// is an online business that sells a wide array of grow LED lamps including the COB LED lamps.


Implementing the latest innovation in technology relevant to LEDs in obtaining well distributed and intense lights COB LED lamps are incredibly efficient and offers high concentration of light for optimal growth of the plant. COB LED lamps are not only resistant and but are robust; compared to traditional SMD LEDs, chips directly placed on the heat sink are obviously more durable and resistant to breakage. Lamps like these last for around 15 years, so it’s quite a practical investment based on the expense ratio over the useful life of the LED lamp. A factor called the daisy-chain system makes the entire installation of multiple lamps easier; numerous LED lamps are installed in a single electrical outlet without the hassle of multi-outlet and tricky extensions.

The whole LED industry was revolutionized by the chip on board technology, it has paved the way for controlling minimal surfaces and numerous chips. Because of the meager size of the COB LED lamps, all thanks to the absence of bulky packaging and innovative construction techniques, it’s able to achieve high installation density. Through these features, lamps may contain around 54 LEDs for every illuminating group, hence a higher number of chips are available on each unit.