Deer Tries To Squeeze Through Fence And Ends Up Very Stuck

A breezy summer day turned out to be pretty scary for a happy-go-lucky deer. The nonchalant animal was jumping through a Sheffield apartment complex recently where he chanced upon a range of small deer metal fences. It seemed that the deer wanted some adventure and hence instead of jumping over, he preferred to slip through the fence. And immediately got stuck- stuck real bad.

He struggled hard to relieve himself but the gap was too narrow for his entire body. The good thing was that the local residents took notice of his plight and immediately called up the RSPCSA.

As per the statements of Kristy Ludlam, the RSPCA inspector who came for the rescue, the deer was somehow confident that he would be able to pass through the fence railings. But, unfortunately, he was wrong. When the RSPCA team arrived at the site, it found the animal horribly stuck into metal rails of the deer fence. The front part of the body could pass through yet it was the hips that got caught badly. it was a very pathetic sight to see the animal struggling like that and Ludlam and her team immediately got to work.

The RSPCA took to a thorough assessment of the whole situation. As per the officials, the gap was too narrow for the poor being to break free his entire body through the fence rails. The only solution was to cut through the heavy metal bars. Ludlam knew she had to work fast. She immediately contacted South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue for help.

The rescue officials wasted no time and came down in moments to free the deer. They initially tried to stretch fence bars. But that did not work out. So, finally they decided to cut through the rails & Ludlam carefully lifted the panicked animal’s hips till he could plunge down into the woodlands ahead.