Why Family Friendly Fighting Games Are Much Better?

When we hear fighting games, the first thing that comes to mind is gore and violence. The gaming world is filled up to the brim with such games. What the industry doesn’t stop to think, though, is the effect such violent fighting games can have on kids and teenagers.

Multiple research programs have suggested that violent video games have a direct effect on violent behaviour. This is more so the case among teens who fail to decipher the good from the bad. Violence in any way isn’t good and very few teenagers tend to understand that. When they’re not playing pokerqq they indulge in extremely violent and gory fighting games.

There are quite a lot of family-friendly fighting games that are enjoyable without being overtly gory and absurdly violent. Such games are much better especially if your kid hasn’t yet attained the understanding of the futility of violence.

Fun Without Unnecessary Violence

Many gamers would make you believe that there cannot be fun without violence in a game. Of course, this statement is not at all true and there are a bunch of games that are equally enjoyable fighting games minus the violence.

Games like Ultimate Marvel and Dragonball Z are not as violent yet they are fun to play. They aren’t just kids games but are equally loved by adults. There is no doubt that a person is free to play whichever game he wants, yet, there is something wrong with it when kids play overtly and unnecessary violent games.

Hence, if you’re a caring parent, you will do well to keep your kids away from games that use violence to evoke the interest of the gamers. Try games like Dragonball Z and let your kids experience the same enjoyment without the dangerously violent gore on display.