Gain Bigger Mass Through Top 5 Back Workouts

One of the important aims of bodybuilding is to gain mass. While arms and legs take their time to bulk up, gym-goers can focus on their back to increase mass. A wide back gives width which gives the person a bulky look. Through these 5 back workouts, the gym-goers will see quick changes in their appearance. People who want to increase their weight quickly should accompany the exercises with a bulking meal plan for skinny guys.


It is a compound exercise and involves back, shoulders, legs, and arms. It is important to add this exercise to your back workout as it helps in training the whole body, especially the upper back.

Weighted Pull-ups

Gym-goers know that it takes time to be able to do pull-ups on your own. You should keep practicing it and once you get the hang of it, try to include pull-ups in your warm-up for increased mass. Add weights to the pull-ups as you go for better results.

Barbell bent-over row

This exercise is great for training rhomboids, upper, and middle traps. It helps in increasing strength and also helps in giving a V-shape to the body. Remember to keep your knees bent and back hinged for efficiency and better results.

Lat pull-downs

No back workout is complete without this exercise. It trains the lats and proves to be the best exercise to gain width and mass. It is advisable to keep the tempo slow while performing the exercise for maximum results.

Rope straight-arms pull-downs

The rope allows for increased motion and through stiff arms, the pressure is directly transferred to the lats. The aim is to squeeze the lats as one brings down their arms. It is a great exercise for beginners who want to gain mass quickly.

Including the above-mentioned exercises in routine workouts will provide a bigger back and help in gaining mass quickly. Following a bulking meal plan for skinny guys will give improved results as diet forms an important part of bodybuilding.