Why Going Green Matters For Cabinets

One of the greatest concerns that we have nowadays has a lot to do with the environment. Little by little, people have been making moves in order to save mother nature, and one of these moves include the use of sustainable, more earth-friendly products that do not emit any harmful by-products that not only damage the environment, but could cause issues with health as well. While a lot of commercial cabinets available have not yet made significant steps for better care of the environment, smaller companies that make custom, artisan cabinets like Artisan Custom Cabinetry, Inc have. How are they doing so? Let’s find out below.

They use FSC-Certified Wood

In the making of their cabinets, they use only plywood and lumber that has been certified by the FSC, or the Forest Stewardship Council. They are a company that helps to prevent responsible forestry, as well as bar companies that have issues with human rights abuse. The FSC forestry way opens people’s eyes to a more responsible way of handling everyone involved in the making of wood products, from the trees to the people.

Health-Friendly Finishes

The finish used for every cabinet is important as it is the one that helps to preserve the life of wood, preventing grime, mold and mildew from forming, as kitchens and bathrooms are places prone to moisture. A lot of finishes emit VOC, or volatile organic compounds that could cause hormonal issues among those exposed. At Artisan Custom Cabinetry, Inc. however, they make use of Low-VOC, and water-based finishes that are low in formaldehyde, no HAP solvents, and comply with world E-1 standards.

Sustainable Wood Sources

The wood sources for the artisan cabinets include Eucalyptus, German Beech, and Bamboo. All of these are renowned for their strength, as well as their high growth rate, and thus not compromising the amount of wood in the forests.