GTA Vice City Cheats

In the world of gaming, whether it be online or arcade, the reality is that one of the most rampantly done activities would have to be cheating. There are many ways and reasons for cheating, which include being able to evade costs, as well as having an advantage over opponents in a game, and to make the entire gameplay one which is indeed, much easier. As a matter of fact, to Download GTA also has cheats on its own, allowing to evade paying for it. Out of all the games, one of the most iconic ones would most definitely have to bt GTA Vice City. Released in 2002, the game takes you back to the 1980s as you play the character of Tommy Vercetti, as he engages in various missions. If you would want your mission to be a lot easier to do, or probably take your playing to a whole new level, then below are some cheats for better health and weapons, as well as for vehicles.

Health and Weapons

                For maximum health, enter ASPIRINE. To commit suicide, enter ICANTTAKEITANYMORE. For a wider array of weapons, you can enter either THUGSTOOLS, PROFESSIONALTOOLS, and NUTTERTOOLS. If you don’t want the cops to catch you, then type LEAVEMEALONE, but if you want the cops to go crazy for you, then type YOUWON’TTAKEMEALIVE. Lastly, if you wish to have a full armor, then type PRECIOUSPROTECTION.

Vehicle Level-Ups

                If you want to make your driving experience one which is more worthwhile, you might as well try and spawn your car of vehicle. If it’s a tank, enter PANZER, if it’s a bloodring banger, TRAVELINSTYLE, if it’s a limousine, then ROCKANDROLLCAR, a caddy, then BETTERTHANWALKING, a Sabre Turbo, the GETTHEREFAST, a garbage truck, then RUBBISHCAR. If you want to spawn Romero’s hearse, then THELASTRIDE.