A Guide OnPotty Pad Dog Training

Even though many dog owners prefer to have their dogs relieve themselves outside, potty training is still useful especially if you are living in a building, or on areas with cold weather. Listed below are some tips on how you can potty train your dog properly. Meanwhile, if you are still looking for a potty pad, be sure to read the reviews posted at bulldogology.net. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Do not give any punishments whatsoever

If your dog has chosen to relieve on the floor or on your carpet, do not dish out any punishment. Do not yell, and refrain from even saying “bad dog”. Why? this is because you will only cause your dog to relieve themselves when you are not around. Just clean any dirty places using an enzyme-based cleanser like Nature’s Miracle. You must adhere to the instructions properly or you might find it difficult to clean after your dog.

  1. Setup a room in which your dog can be left on its own

You cannot watch over your dog all the time. Whenever you can’t, due to reasons such as leaving the house or running some errands, be sure the dog has a room to stay on. The room should contain every basic need of the dog, such as food, water, bed, and most importantly, a place to relieve themselves. This is also a great way to potty train your dog, by leaving them with an indoor potty.

  1. Feed them on time

The time of feeding for your dog should follow a strict time schedule. This will develop the discipline of your dog, especially when there is a limited time in which they can eat before you remove their food. This will be a very effective training tool, especially if you use treats.