Does Playing Video Games Improve Your Cognitive Abilities?

While there are studies claiming that playing video games may have negative impact on the health of person through excessive playing, there some research that shows that playing video games has the ability to enhance your cognitive abilities. While it is very important to carefully determine and examine which of the two claims is correct, it is important as well to take considerations of both sides. It may be true that excessive playing video games may be addicting, but let us also not set aside the facts that video games could develop cognitive abilities.

  • According to research, playing video games especially those action ones can enhance a person’s mental flexibility, that is also means that you will be better at swiftly changing between different tasks and other multitasking activities.
  • Playing 3d videos has the ability to enhance your recognition ability and spatial memory.
  • Playing as the first person shooter can also enhance your mental flexibility.
  • Moreover, playing games that fall under the category of action games could enhance your ability to process visual objects and tasks. This means that you will be better at determining necessary information and setting aside non-relevant distractors.
  • Video games playing has the ability to further your ability to multi-task and increasing your capacity to pay attention at details.
  • You can also improve your other cognitive functions such as enumeration, visuo motor coordination, spatial resolution and multiple object tracking.
  • Action games playing could also enhance your visual ability to auditory attentional ability to shift which is essential for your reading abilities and information processing.

Overall, with these cognitive abilities that playing video games like situs judi online that can provide you, it is fair to say that despite some negative things that some studies claim about video games, there are still a lot of benefits and advanatages in playing video games. All we have to do is to take responsibity and have discipline.