Quality Cribs Of 2018

Purchasing a crib is a kind of investment, ideally you’re not going to purchase a crib every now and then. Durability, versatility, quality, features, price and the style are just some factors that you have to consider with each and every option that comes up. To aid you in the decision-making, we’ll suggest a couple of the best cribs 2018.

DaVinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

Having been around for a years in the market, the DaVinci Kalani has considerably improved in structure and design. It’s an ideal crib for parents that aim for outstanding safety, versatility accompanied by a mid-century appearance and a price that won’t leave them broke; the manufacturer or company is well-known for quality products. The crib has everything from Greenguard Certifications to four mattress heights and a low profile. Wood used in manufacturing comes from a New Zealand pine collected from sustainable forests; makes you feel better about the purchase. The crib itself won numerous awards for the quality and features which includes the National Parenting Publications, BabyCenter and Babble.

Union 2-in-1 Convertible Crib

The features and appearance of the convertible crib is quite basic; it’s a no frills crib with quality structure and an amazing reputation built up on reliability and safety that the product offers. The Union Convertible is quick to assemble, lightweight and ideal for the minimalist style. This particular crib is manufactured from solid pine wood from New Zealand; the finish is also non-toxic which leads to phthalate free. Assembly takes only around 20 minutes with a battery powered screwdriver; it may take a bit longer if you use the traditional screwdriver. The height of the crib is low-profile that lets the parents easily place and remove the baby from the crib. The crib is available in a handful of colors from baby blue, to gray, sunshine and espresso.