A Quick Look At High-Power RF Capacitors

If you are fond of electronics, then one of the most familiar devices you may encounter while you work are Capacitors. In layman’s terms, Capacitors are devices that are used to store small amounts of energy for a certain period of time. From simple electronics we use, to large industrial applications, capacitors play a huge role in the world of electronics, and hence it’s not a surprise to see them being used just about everywhere. One such type is the high voltage doorknob capacitors, among others. What are some High-Power RF Capacitors you can find in the market nowadays?

Ceramic Disc Capacitors

As the name suggests, these are disc-shaped capacitors and are usually found in small electronic devices, the most common of which, being radios. These have rates up to the kilovolt range. One disadvantage of this, however, is that the RF current handling is limited because it only has narrow lead contacts, which makes the skin effect one which is evident. This is one of the most common types of capacitors you can find, and it is one of the easiest to find.

Air Capacitors

These capacitors are characterized by having high current ratings, which is unique among capacitors. It is touted to be a budget-friendly substitute for vacuum capacitors due to their cheaper price. One disadvantage of this capacitor type, however, is its low breakdown voltage as well as its collection of dust in the long run, which could cause potential short circuits.

Doorknob Capacitors

These High-Voltage capacitors are great because they are both robust and extremely affordable. They also are extremely reliable and can be mounted easily, hence it would not be a surprise to see these devices often, as they could also bought rather easily.