Richest Celebrities at Their Youth

It is definite that wealth is accumulated. People work tirelessly when they are young. This is to attain a certain standard, so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor later in their lives. This can be proved by Buffet, who is 85 years old and topping the list of billionaires. However some young energetic figures are sure to shake him down. Currently, research shows that there are over twenty billionaires in their youth and one happens to be a lady. They are already living the dream at a young age ranging from twenty to forty. They are ranked among richest celebrities. They include;

Ryan Graves; whenever you need to get to a place and you don’t have access to a car, then u decide to use Uber services, you should always be grateful to Ryan. He is the founder of an app where clients can be joined to taxis called Uber. The app is spreading all over the world. He pocketed $1.5 billion at only 27 when the app started up.

Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel; these two young men are credited with founding Snapchat. It is an application where photos and messages are shared. Bobby had a net worth of $1.8 billion at 20 and Evan $2.1 billion at 22 when the company was initiated.

Jack Dorsey; having to create and launch a company is one great achievement. What about two large successful companies? Jack created Square which is a mobile payment service and Twitter which is one of the largest social networks worldwide. His net worth is a jaw dropping $ 2.3 billion at only 39 years of age.

Elizabeth Holmes; she is surely the only female in this list. She is the founder of a blood testing company called Theranos. She is the CEO of her company that has handsomely rewarded her with a net worth of $4.7 billion since she was 19.

Their wonderful work is clearly seen and what they gain from it is what they really deserve.