Canberra is home to various sports events and games. People flock in from different parts of Canada to watch games and support their own respective teams. One challenge when going to Canberra for sports events is the ambient temperature, as it can get really cold in there especially during winter time.

Here are some tips you can do to stay warm while watching a game or cheering for your team in Canberra.

Don multiple layers of clothing

This is pretty basic. The most known way to keep warm during cold weather in Canberra is to wear multiple layers of clothing and accessories to cover the most temperature-sensitive parts of your body such as the ears and hands. This can also provide opportunity to support your team by wearing your team’s uniform or jersey on top of your current outfit.

Warm your belly

One effective way of keeping warm while watching an exciting game in Canberra is by loading up with warm food and beverages before and during matches. Gulping down a warm tea or coffee, couples with a warm ramen noodle soup is delicious way to stay warm and cozy during a cold day in Canberra.

Be physically active

Another way you can stay warm is to move around and stay active. You can “먹튀” around or jump up and down while cheering for your team to get your blood circulating and help keep your extremities warm. This may be quite challenging especially if you’re wearing multiple layers of clothing which hampers movement to a certain degree, but it is very effective if you can manage it.

Check in near the venue

Choosing accommodation near the sporting event venue will help reduce your time outside the freezing environment. This can help you warm up more often before you are required to go outside when moving around. Accessibility to transportation like the bus can also be advantageous as these rides often have airconditioning that can help you keep warm.